The New Digital Economy – How it will transform business

digitalThis white paper provides insights into how corporations are responding to the key economic and technology megatrends reshaping the global marketplace. To ensure the rigor of our research, we undertook a blend of quantitative and qualitative analysis, including:

  • A global survey of 363 c-suite executives representing over $256 billion of global turnover and covering a broad range of industries, including financial services, retail and consumer goods, manufacturing, life sciences and TICE (technology, information, communication and entertainment).
  • Oxford Economics’ integrated global economic and industry models to forecast trends, explore alternative scenarios and gauge economic impact.
  • Oxford Economics’ extensive databank containing 25-year forecasts and 30 years of historical data on 190 countries and 85 industrial sectors, as well as market data and forecasts from secondary research sources such as eMarketer, IDC and Gartner.
  • A series of in-depth personal interviews and panel discussions (in New York, London and San Francisco) with over 35 senior executives, consultants and policy makers involved in digital strategy and corporate decision-making, including heads of marketing, IT, strategy, social media, finance and operations.

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